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All The Tools You Need To Start Your 18th Century Journey


Maybe you're interested in becoming a volunteer or working for a living history site. Perhaps you want to become a reenactor. You're fascinated by the clothing. You're interested in 18th century skills like sewing, cooking, or interpretation.

But you're struggling to find the resources to get started.

*If I don't sew, what do I do?

*How do I get into reenacting?

*Which patterns should I use?

Answers to these questions and many more are waiting for you inside the membership community.

The Beginner's Guide to the 18th Century Membership Site provides accessible resources to anyone new or interested in 18th century living history. 


Learn at your own pace with the extensive library of videos and resources. Get connected with the Living History community through monthly Q & A's with experts and regular Zoom gatherings.


Living History professionals teaching in their area of expertise.

Categories are material culture, interpretation & hands-on skills.


  • Downloadable documents
  • Research tools
  • Glossaries of terminology
  • Links to products & services.


We offer a private Facebook group along with discussion forums inside the membership to connect with other members & Living History experts.

About Beginner's Guide to the 18th Century


Kendall Kendrick is the Founder & Managing Director of The Linen Agency, an event management & marketing company for the living history community.

After struggling to find easily accessible resources for beginners in 18th century living history, she curated this guide to help others on their journey.

Carin Bloom @living_herstory

"The Beginner's Guide to the 18th Century is such an important resource for modern history work. It offers an incredible variety of topics of interest and discussion, and therefore makes itself useful for a wide range of interested people! Whether you're an historical costumer/sewer, a traditional artisan maker, or a living history interpreter (or want to be any of those!), this online community has something to offer."

Join the Community

For just $10 a month, you'll get access to convenient & user-friendly 18th century information to help you enhance your living history experience. Try it free for 7 days with no commitment. Cancel anytime.


Our Mission

We believe that living history is a vessel for a better understanding of the past. Through these sensorial experiences, historical interpreters and historically-themed businesses have the opportunity to teach future generations compassion and how to make the world a better place.

The Beginner's Guide to the 18th Century, a subsidiary of The Linen Agency LLC, is committed to providing knowledge, inspiration, and self-development for our clients and customers through this lens.